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“If you're like me, you LOVE the McDonalds Big Mac. At least... the Big Mac that existed 20 years ago! Today's Big Mac is just as fatty as ever, but super lean on better ingredients and more careful preparation, not to mention that great taste that began the revolution when we were kids - where did it go!? What you get in the box now is a stale, cluttered mess that's been sitting under a heat lamp for who knows how long. So, here's THE perfect formula for making the famous Big Mac at home. As copy-cat recipes go, this one is flawless! It also includes a recipe for the pivotal Big Mac sauce. You can use Thousand Island dressing, but I prefer this recipe to the shortcut because it tastes better and closer to the real thing. And perhaps the best part is that you can control the quality of each ingredient, ensuring that a much more healthy burger reaches your tummy, free from the chemical flavors and smells that McDonalds currently uses in much of their food.”
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  1. We'll start by preparing all of our ingredients.
  2. Set aside the Pickle slices and the slice of American Cheese. Having them at room temperature is best.
  3. Finely mince the Yellow Onion. What you want are tiny little Onion morsels maybe the size of a peppercorn.
  4. Chop up 1/2 a Cup of Lettuce and set it aside.
  5. To prepare your Big Mac bun, you'll need two regular Sesame Seed Hamburger Buns. Take the tops from one of the Buns and discard it. You should now have one Sesame Seed Bun top, and two Sesame Seed Bun bottoms. Using a sharp knife, remove the underside crust from one of the bottom Buns - you now have your middle Bun! And you'll now need to lightly toast these. And I mean lightly! This is a very subtle treatment in texture, so don't go crazy here. Lightly toast the underside of the top Bun, lightly toast the top side of the designated bottom Bun, and then lightly toast both sides of the middle Bun. Set the Bun aside.
  6. To prepare the Big Mac sauce, simply combine the 1/2 Cup of Mayonnaise, 2 TBS French Dressing, 5 TSP Sweet Pickle Relish, 1 TBS Yellow Onion (Finely Minced), 1 TSP White Vinegar, 1 TSP Sugar, and 1/8 TSP Salt. Mix it up and set it aside.
  7. To make your Big Mac patties, you'll need to apply some methodology. The trick here is really in avoiding typical home made patty bulk/shape, in favor of a thinner patty that fits your Bun size and properly mimics the Big Mac. Split the 1/4 lb of Ground Beef into two separate hand-rolled balls. They should be equal in size. Then, use a mallet, a rolling pin, or any other means available, and flatten the meat into two very flat patties. Very flat. When you put these patties in the pan, they're going to shrink in circumference by almost half as much, so keep this in mind when judging whether or not you've used enough beef (your Bun size may require more). Also, be careful not to make your patties too thick, or it will make your Big Mac too big and difficult to combine. It's not a bad idea to try a test patty and see if you're able to shape/flatten the burger properly before cooking up however many you intend to make.
  8. Now, with all your ingredients prepared and your patties cooked - it's time to combine the Big Mac - and there's a method to this as well!
  9. Set aside the Top of your Bun, you won't need it until the end. Lay out the Bottom and Middle of your Bun. On the Bottom and Middle Bun, spread a generous amount of Big Mac sauce. Then, apply a generous sprinkling of the minced Onion. Follow that up with a heap of chopped Lettuce on both Buns. Now, on the Bottom Bun, place your slice of American Cheese. On the Middle Bun, place the 2 Pickle slices. Lastly, place a Beef patty on both of these Buns atop all the other ingredients, stack them up, and top it off with the Top of your Bun.
  10. You now have Poppa's Big Mac! Note: this isn't actually Poppa's Big Mac - this is a well known copycat/clone recipe. However, it's such a good one, that it deserves to be everywhere and easy to find on the internet, and this particular recipe has been tested to my own satisfaction, so enjoy!

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