“a recipe that uses both sides water.”
3hrs 3mins

Ingredients Nutrition

  • water (approx. 4 cups)
  • ice (as a by-product of water)


  1. pour 1 cup of water into an ice tray.
  2. place your filled tray in your home freezer for approximately 3 hours (freezing time may vary between different appliances and households). if you have trouble finding your home freezer, it will usually be attached to your home refrigerator, occupying the space above the refrigerating column. if this is not the case, i recommend that you purchase an ice chest or portable cooler.
  3. once the water in your ice tray has fully completed and passed the freezing process, the "water" should have turned solid and have a white coating, if not, place the ice tray back in your home freezer for another hour. if your "water" does match the descriptions listed, proceed to the next step.
  4. fill a boiling pot with 3 cups of water.
  5. place the pot on your home stove (or any alternative boiling appliance or device, if you don't have a home stove).
  6. if using a home stove, turn the corresponding dial to the highest heat or temperature setting. if using an alternative device/appliance, consult the user manual to find out how to access the heating option.
  7. once the water begins to boil, turn off your device or appliance; then, you will place the ice cubes in your pot of boiled water.
  8. once the ice cubes have fully "disappeared"(evaporated) in the boiled water, your project is complete! you may now do whatever you please with your finish. whether it may be to use in another recipe, or simply be discarded, it is your choice, so make the decision!

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