“Of all the places to find a recipe, this one actually came from a "People" magazine! This is definitely a first. However, this is super easy to make, my family loves it and the taste is "perfecto"! It makes for a quick lunch or even a dinner with rice on the side. While this recipe makes only two wraps (serving for one), it's very easy to double or triple this recipe. Also, I put the cooking time on the "high" side. As you get quicker in making these, obviously the time will drop. One last note, I've copied the recipe exactly as it appears in the magazine. The only thing that I do differently is I don't put the lettuce on until the very end. This way the lettuce stays cool and crisp. YUMMY!”

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  1. In a hot skillet arrange 2 tortillas and top with cheeses, lettuce, bacon and salsa.
  2. Cook until heated through, then transfer tortilla to a cutting board with a spatula.
  3. Heat turkey in a skillet until hot and add to top of sandwich.
  4. Roll tortilla into a cylinder and cut in half on the diagonal.
  5. Secure rolls with toothpicks and serve.

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