Mexican Cocktail Appetizer

“Adapted from the Restaurant “Hook Line & Sinker” in Dallas, Texas. While in Dallas on business we run into the always busy Hook Line & Sinker (located at 3103 Lemmon Ave.) and order the Mexican Cocktail our favorite appetizer – you can order it “Spicy” or “Regular”. I have dreams about this appetizer way down in Lake Charles, LA (where I live) – so my boss and I went to duplicate the recipe. One of the waiters shared the tidbit about the “special” sauce! I know it sounds strange to use the soda and ketchup; trust me it is delicious!”
4 cup

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  1. Pico de Gallo: Mix together the chopped tomatoes, onion, minced jalepeno and chopped cilantro then squeese the juice of one lime over mixture. Set aside while preparing other ingredients.
  2. Secret Sauce: Whisk together in mixing bowl the can of lime soda, bottle of ketchup, teaspoon of Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper.
  3. Putting together the Mexican Cocktail - Present the Mexican Cocktails in clear medium or tall soda fountain glass or margarita glasses.
  4. Layer a spoonful of salad shrimp into the bottom of each glass, then spoonful of cubed avocado, and spoonful of Pico de gallo & a little chopped cilantro; repeat until you reach top of glass. Slowly pour sauce mixture over glass contents until you reach ½ inch from top of glass. Garnish with more avocado and lime slice on side of glass. Enjoy!

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