“This is a recipe that I developed, and my favorite rice recipe to have with a Mexican meal.”

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  1. In a large nonstick frying pan or a dutch oven put the oil and onion.
  2. Stir-fry over medium heat for 5 minutes.
  3. Move the onion to the side of the pan and add the garlic.
  4. Stir-fry the garlic until the edges are just starting to brown, and then incorporate the garlic into the onion.
  5. Add the minced green chili and the green bell pepper and stir-fry for 3 more minutes.
  6. Add the rice and stir-fry for 2-3 minutes, until all of the rice grains have gotten covered with the oil and the rice has had a chance to fry a bit.
  7. Add the tomato, corn and the carrot, cumin and oregano.
  8. Stir-fry for one more minute.
  9. Add the chicken broth (or vegetable broth or water).
  10. Bring the mixture to a good boil, cover, reduce heat to very low and cook for 20 minutes.
  11. Remove from heat and let the rice rest, covered, for a few minutes.
  12. Stir in the peas and salt.
  13. Check for salt and then garnish with cilantro.
  14. You may eliminate any of the vegetables that you don't like.

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