Mideastern Pickles Two Recipes Turnip and Cauliflower

“After many many years of fiddling with these, they are finally just like the ones in the middle eastern restaurants. You can make lesser amounts by dividing the recipes in half, but I make the large jars because everyone loves them.”
1 large jar

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  1. For the turnip pickles. Brush the turnips clean and remove any spots but keep the colored skin as much as possible. Clean and peel the beet.
  2. Cut the turnips and beet into 2 inch pieces about 1/4 inch thick. Pack the turnips into a large jar with pieces of the beet placed every other layer. Make the brine with the 5 cups water, 2 1/2 cups white vinegar and the 2 1/2 Tablespoons kosher salt. Heat just until the salt is dissolved, just before boiling. Pour the brine over the turnips and beets, allow to cool, then store in the refrigerator. They are ready to begin eating in a couple days and keep for several weeks.
  3. For the cauliflower / cabbage pickles. Wash the cauliflower and cut into bite sized pieces. Wash the cabbage and cut into 2 inch pieces. Layer the cauliflower and cabbage, mixed, in a very large jar. Make the brine with the 6 1/4 cups water, 5 Tablespoons kosher salt and 3 1/4 cups white vinegar - AND the 2 1/2 teaspoons curry powder.
  4. Heat the brine until just the boiling point, then pour over the cauliflower and cabbage in the jar. Allow to cool. Refrigerate. They are ready to eat in a couple of days, and keep for several weeks.

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