“the best deer tamales i've eaten. quite a bit of work but believe me it's well worth it. I use deer bacon burger with green onion and cheese processed at a deer processer close by. regular deer burger can also be used.”
4hrs 30mins
36-48 tamales

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. 1:in large skillet or dutch oven,brown venison in bacon drippings.Add sugar,garlic,tomatoe paste and spices.
  2. 2:meanwhile soak ancho chiles in boiling water until soft.Add chipotle peppers.
  3. put anchos and chipotles with a small amount of reserved soaking liquid in food processor or blender and puree.
  4. 3:Add pureed chiles and 6 cups water to meat mixture.
  5. 4:cook until reduced by half.
  6. 5:puree meat until smooth.Cook until all water is evaporated.Let meat cool.
  7. 6:In large bowl beat lard with electric mixer until fluffy.
  8. 7:In seperate bowl mix tamale mix with salt and baking powder.Add warm chicken broth and stir to combine.(Hands on works best).
  9. 8:Add tamale mix to lard in batches and beat on high speed in between.Beat until spoonfull of mixture floats in glass of water.
  10. To assemble:
  11. 1:Spread dough on corn husk and fill with about 1 tbs. of meat along middle line of dough.Roll husk to enclose filling inside dough.Fold and tie small end to seal.
  12. To cook:
  13. 1:Place tamales on folded end in steamer.Tie bundles of 6 with twine to hold together.Steam for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.
  14. "ENJOY".

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