Mike's Italian Grandma's Pasta Sauce

“My husband learned this from a sweet Italian Grandma from Palermo while they were on a train together in Germany. She had married a German soldier during the war, and now that he had passed she was bringing him to his family for the first time since he had left as a young soldier. Note: Cooking time only includes prep time as simmering varies according to method.”
8-10 1 cup servings

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Brown your meat and drain off the excess fat. Add all the ingredients together. My hubby likes to put this all in the crock pot and slowcook it for about 6 hours. You could also simmer it stovetop for maybe an hour or so if you're in a hurry. Delicious. We serve this with tortellini or spaghetti and our pickiest kids can't get enough. They also request bread to sop up the extra.
  2. Note: Of course you can used canned tomatoes, diced tomatoes, tomato puree or even fresh. Just cook longer and add a pinch of sugar.

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