Mimi's Double-Decker Peanut Butter & Chocolate Fudge

“Another great sweet from Mimi, my best friend's mom. My kids walk in and ask, "Did Mimi make anything today?" This two-layered fudge is one of their favorites. Cooking time is chilling time.”
1hr 20mins

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 (12 ounce) package peanut butter chips
  • 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
  • 14 cup butter
  • 12 cup chopped peanuts (optional)
  • 1 (6 ounce) package semi-sweet chocolate chips


  1. In sauce pan, melt peanut butter chips, 1 cup sweetened condensed milk, and 2 Tbsp butter. Stir until smooth.
  2. Remove from heat and stir in peanuts, if desired.
  3. Spread mixture into wax-paper lined 8-inch square pan.
  4. In same pan, melt chocolate chips, remaining butter, and remaining condensed milk. Stir until smooth and spread over the peanut butter layer. Cool at room temperature for 15 minutes, then refrigerate until firm.
  5. To cut into squares, lift fudge out by holding the wax paper. Transfer to cutting board. Store in a closed tin. Can be refrigerated or kept at room temperature.

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