“a jamie oliver recipe for sainsburys magazine dec 2009 i fancy these little appples minus the walnuts cos i dont want to die at xmas of allergy. not made them yet, io really like Jamie oliver recipes, i just wish he wasnt so annoying on dvds, i ordered some of them and had to turn them off after about 5 mins, i developed cooking tourettes over his slang. the room was bright blue, i get like that when i see miaimi ink, i was a body piercer for 6 years in bolton, miami ink is unbelivabley fake. the tattoists i know are not like that at all, much more down to eath and say things like "buzz" for bus, "foer" means the number 4, It probably cos im a northern lass and where we come from we call southerners (birmingham and below) big fairies!... they cant handle the cold in yorkshire, or the beer tehe (i sound like my grandad!) sing with me in a yorkshire accent " orn' ilkley mooer bar tat" that means on the moor in ilkley in yorkshire without your hat it is a beer drinking song of old up ere'”
1hr 10mins

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  1. preheat oven to 190 or gas mark 5, tip mincemeat into bowl add big pinch of the cinnamon, lemon zest, walnuts and port mix well.
  2. core apples with corer and stuff the hollow holes wirh the mincemeat mix.
  3. beat the egg and milk together. Lay pastry on a floured surface and roll out to thickness of 50p about 3 mm? (half thickness of pound coin) im rubbish with these kind of measurements.
  4. cut into eight even sized squares and lightly brush each with egg and millk wash. scatter half of demmerara sugar evenly across squares and then dust with a couple of pinches of cinnamon.
  5. place apple in centre of square of patry and bring pastry up around the apple pressing together so the apple is encased - do this with rest of apples.
  6. hold the apples with the pastry sealed on the top of the apple, facing upwards else your apple will slide off.
  7. transfer apples to baking tray lined with greaseproof, patry seal DOWN on the greasproof brush each with a little more egg and milk wash and scatter over last of sugar and remaining cinnamon.
  8. bake in hot oven fo about 40 mins , the patry should be golden and crispyand apples cooked through servce with the jersey cream, leftovers can be eaten cold the next day. sounds goody yum tums.

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