“This is best if cooked over a charcoal or wood ember fire but if you’re using gas, you can put some wood chips in a foil pouch and put it over a corner of the burner and get at least some of the smokey flavor. It needs to be good and chunky or it could get mushy.”

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  1. Put the onion quarters on the hot grill first, skin side down. Leave them untouched ‘till the skins are charred, then turn them to a second side and add the other vegetables, all but the pepper go cut side down, it goes peel side down. Turn the vegetables as they start to char on the first side. Leave the pepper ‘till the peel is blackened, then remove and cover for a few minutes. When the peel comes loose, scrape it off .
  2. Remove and cover the rest of the vegetables as the second side gets a good browning.
  3. Cut the root off the onions and peel any skin that remains.
  4. Cut all the vegetables into about ½ inch cubes and toss with the oregano, basil, olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy -- .

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