“I use bacon to cover my turkey while cooking to form a seal on the bird and keep it moist inside. The bacon drippings soak into the stuffing as it cooks giving it a fabulous flavor! BUT...the true trick is to cook the bird breast side down...yes you heard right...BREAST SIDE DOWN! Who made up the silly rule that the breast should be up anyways? I "accidently" cooked it this way 3 years ago and it was the juiciest turkey we had ever had, because the breast cooked in the juices all day it didn't dry out at all! Try it...I guarantee you'll love it!”
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  1. Clean and season the turkey with your favorite seasonings inside and out.
  2. Place turkey breast side down in the roasting pan.
  3. Stuff turkey with your favorite stuffing.
  4. Completely cover the turkey with bacon overlaping the edges so that as it cooks and shrinks it will still cover the turkey.
  5. Cook the turkey following the temp and time guides on your turkey packaging.
  6. I baste occasionally, not for the turkey so much as the stuffing.
  7. Tent the turkey with foil at the end of the cooking time if it should start to burn.

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