“This is my all time favorite food. I can never get it as good as hers, but it's still delicious. Also, we're both visual cooks, so the measurements may be a little off. Use more cheese if you're a cheese lover like me.”
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  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. In pan, melt butter on medium high.
  3. When melted, add flour to fully cover all of the butter on the bottom of the pan.
  4. Stir with a wisk and lower the temperature to med-low.
  5. It should start to have a cookie dough-like consistency.
  6. Constantly wisk so that the dough/sauce never browns or burns.
  7. Slowly add cream and stir with wisk.
  8. Add more and more cream, untill it has a creamy sauce consistency. When creamy, add shredded cheese slowly and wisk.
  9. In a seperate pan add the butter and chopped seasoning. Let it cook down into the butter.
  10. While waiting, cut up the chicken breasts and cook in a separate pan.
  11. In a pot, add can of condensed cream of chicken soup and seasoning mixture.
  12. Reduce it to a more liquid form, by adding chicken broth.
  13. Add the chicken, peas, and sour cream.
  14. Let it cook and simmer, but stirring all the time so the cheese does not burn.
  15. Precook the pie shell in a glass pie dish until it is firm - not brown.
  16. Pour in the contents of the pan into the warmed pie shell.
  17. If using a top, cut around glass pie dish and press with fingers. If not, just place in oven.
  18. Cut slits in the top for venting the pie.
  19. Cook for 30 minutes or until shell is light brown.

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