“This is a traditional french canadian staple. You eat this on toast of choice, it's a high protein very nutritional breakfast favourite. I've been eating cretons since I was a child and everytime I visit my parents, my mother always makes this (one of my favourite dishes) for my husband! I try to make this dish as lean as possible using a combination of turkey and pork, if no turkey than chicken is good also. Portions on the meat is 2 to 1 and doesn't matter if you use more pork than turkey or visa versa, the outcome is always just a good as the last!”
3hrs 15mins
3 1lb - 10 servings from each 1lb container

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. On medium high heat brown pork and turkey in the oil and olive oil mix. Using this mix the meat cooks at a higher temperature without burning the oil. While browning add onions and minced garlic; once browned add garlic powder, cloves, cinnamon, and sage, cover the top of meat mixture with salt (I prefer seasalt or kosher) and same, twice around the pot with pepper (preferrably fresh ground). Mix the meat and seasonings and add in boiling water to meat mixture, enough to cover the top. Bring to boil, lower to simmer about 3hrs. or until water is reduced to almost nothing. approximately half way through cooking process adjust your mixture with alspice, no more than a teaspoon should be required. I go by taste. Now to properly adjust the mixture for spreading purposes add in enough bread crumbs to absorb the remaining liquid in the pot. Using a hand blender puree meat mixture. Divide into containers and let cool before freezing or putting in fridge. yeilds 3-4lbs. Enjoy!

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