“this is just plain .everyone else had onions and what .not ours doesnt have that . this is how my grandma made it and my mothers both did”
2hrs 25mins

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  1. boil neck and giblets in water cook on low simmer cause you need fat from turkey to make gravy anyway
  2. you may need to add more water because meat has to come off the bone on the neck and gizzard must be tender so simmer about an hour at least.
  3. debone neck
  4. it just peels off when done
  5. and slice gizzards into small chunks
  6. i always eat the liver because im the only one that likes it lucky me lol. otherwise cut into small chunks too
  7. save to add to gravy.
  8. with fat from drippings cook flour salt and pepper in skillet until light brown make kinda a roux so the ratio of fat to flour is right this you have to stir so doesnt burn
  9. add stock from giblets
  10. and stir like crazy to get flour surrounded by water
  11. and neck meat and giblets
  12. and stir like crazy add canned milk.
  13. and simmer until as thick as you like.
  14. cook gravy on low cook for about 15 minutes.
  15. the longer you cook gravy the better
  16. gets rid of raw flour taste
  17. season the way you like.
  18. you have to stir every so often the thicker the gravy the more often you stir.

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