“This is my mother's recipe for the easiest and best pot roast. It yields great flavor with plenty bread-dipping gravy.”
1hr 15mins

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  1. Season roast on all sides with paprika. Brown onion, garlic, and roast all together in a dutch oven over medium heat. While roast is browning, combine one package of beefy onion soup with one cup of water or broth. Stir until well blended. When roast is browned, mash onion and garlic with slotted spoon then add the beefy onion soup mix. Lower heat to medium. Add additional broth at this time so that the liquid comes halfway up roast. Cook for approximately one hour, then add carrots. Combine 2 tablespoons Wondra Flour with1/3 cup additional broth or water and add to roast. Continue cooking. Test tenderness of roast and when roast is almost fork tender add potatoes. Continue cooking until potatoes are cooked and easily pierced with a fork. Lower heat to warm. Remove beef from pan to a cutting board or platter and slice while keeping gravy warm. Season gravy with salt and pepper, if needed. Return sliced beef to pan just to warm through. Serve immediately.

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