Mom's Southern Style Split Pea Soup

“This soup's flavor is very different from your traditional pea soup. It is not sweet but has a spicy flavor very different from the 'savory' flavor of most pea soups. I love any pea soup but this one is the one I yearn for. Sometimes I add even more carrot if I think we need more carrots in our diet.”
3hrs 20mins
2-3 qts.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. You may substitute a meaty hambone, diced smoked ham, cut up smoked pork butt, or, if like my husband prefers and no pork is allowed, use smoked turkey.
  2. Put all ingredients except salt into large heavy-bottomed stock pot.
  3. Cook over low-med. heat. Stir occasionally.
  4. Simmer until meat falls off bone and split peas have become mush. Be careful not to burn. Stir more often as soup thickens.
  5. Remove bone, bay leaves and spices.
  6. Puree and test for salt. Add salt if needed and cook an additional 15 minutes. Adjust water if necessary.
  7. The soup should be very thick. It becomes almost paste when cold. You may need to add some water to reheat.
  8. This soup freezes very well.
  9. If you leave out the cloves you won't have this special recipe. They are the secret ingredient.
  10. I'm guessing on servings and amount. it depends on how much you cook it down.

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