“Okay, it's stuffing if you roast it inside the bird and dressing if you roast it in a pan alongside. Right? Well, anyway, this mixture works either way and is equally delicious no matter how you roast it. This is a very old recipe, passed along in my mother's family; and to me, it is the best. It is made from saltine crackers; mace is an unusual ingredient. This is easy and good cold, too.”
2hrs 25mins

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  1. Crush and crumble the crackers into a large bowl. Break the egg over the crackers. Add milk; should be enough to moisten ~ if not add more. Let soak a few minutes. Then add the remaining ingredients. Add them in amounts that may vary according to taste.
  2. Mix well. Mixture should hold together but not be extra moist. If too moist, add more crackers. If too dry (crumbly) add more milk. Spoon into salted chicken cavity. This makes enough to stuff one roasting chicken. The stuffed chicken roasts 30 minutes a pound at 350 degrees F. Alternately, you may spoon the dressing into a greased baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees F. for 30-45 minutes. I like to baste the dressing with turkey drippings once or twice while heating.
  3. Note: You may wilt the chopped onion with chopped celery (including some leaves) in the 2 tablespoons butter before pouring on crackers, if desired.

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