“Another of my great down and dirty, quick fix, crock pot recipes. However this one is endorsed by the world's smartest Westie, Ms Kelsie. Full of good stuff, dogs love it, and, I must say, it tastes pretty good to me too.”
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  1. Put eggs, shell and all in blender and turn that puppie on high until the shell is well granualted.
  2. Throw everything, including eggs, excluding cheese, into the crock pot. When the chicken and grains are done, pull the chicken into small pieces, fold in the cheese.
  3. This will serve our Westie for 10 to 12 days so we generally freeze about 2/3 of it for use as needed.
  4. I used to put in a little garlic but have since learned that that is not particularly good for dogs.
  5. If you don't have a crock pot, or want to cook this more quickly boil the chicken in approximately 5 cups of water. Remove the chicken from the water and put in all the other ingredients except the cheese, simmer until the grains are cooked. While that is going on chop the chicken into bite sized (doggie bites) pieces. When grains are done, fold in the chicken and cheese.

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