“Muffulettas have bold flavors, and provide large portions. This recipe is particularly good.I had to list "Olive Spread" as one of the ingredients below, as the system would noa accept, olive salad, the olive salad recipe is below, do not use olive spread.”

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  1. Cut bread loaf in half, horizontally. Scoop out soft bread from both halves, leaving a 1 inch thick shell. Reserve soft bread centers for another use, if desired.
  2. Spoon 1 cup Olive Salad evenly into bottom bread shell, top with salami, ham, cheeses, and remaining 1 cup Olive Salad. Cover with bread top, and cut across into wedges or quarters.
  3. Drain pickled veggies; reserving 1/4 cup liquid.
  4. Pulse pickled veggies 4 times in a food processor or until coarsely chopped, pour into a large bowl. Pulse onion 4 times in food processor or until coarsely chopped, add to pickled veggies. Pulse olives and salad peppers in same manner as onion and pickled veggies; add to veggie mixture. Stir in capers, next 6 ingredients, reserved 1/4 cup pickled veggie juice, and chopped red pickled peppers. Cover and chill 8 hours. Can be chilled up to 2 weeks. 6 cups.

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