“Meat loaf Into the Smoker: Mix up the meat loaf recipe like you normally would with all of the onions and green bell peppers and ketchup and red pepper flakes and a couple of eggs to help the 80/20 beef stick together better and then formed it into a rectangular shape about 2 inches thick onto a square cookie sheet. Fired up the smoker with some mesquite wood and placed the meat loaf on the grate with a digital meat thermometer stuck into the center of it so I would know when it reached its perfect temp without having to open the smoker. Keep the meatloaf on the cookie sheet while it smokes.. it is a bit too fragile to place directly on the grate.tried it since on a muffin pan to keep the meatloaf up out of the juices while still allowing the juices to collect in a container. It works pretty good if you are not after "pretty" food. Otherwise, it is not a great choice.smoked it at around 250 degrees for 3 to 4 hours until the center registered 160 degrees.”
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  1. Smoke it at around 250 degrees for 3 to 4 hours until the center registered 160 degrees.
  2. Folks -- that was the best meat loaf I had ever eaten and I have had my share of meat loaf!
  3. I knew right then and there that this would be the meat loaf recipe my family would use for years to come -- possibly for centuries to come.
  4. If you want to try something a little different and blow everyone away then I recommend you give this a try.
  5. I have listed a meat loaf recipe below that you can mix up and of course feel free to add, modify or take away ingredients as you see fit.
  6. Simply form it onto a cookie sheet and smoke it like you would anything else with your favorite wood.

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