New Mexico Red Chile Chicken Enchilada Casserole

“The wonderful cultures that are home to my native New Mexico fill the kitchen with mouthwatering spicy dishes. This is a twist on an all time favorite usually made with Green Chile. The Red Chile most often used in NM cooking is a ripened Green Chile! (although there are many others used as well..) The flavor is sublime and sometimes hotter than the green. The preparation for this dish is the same as with Green Chile, but you are making a red enchilada sauce. This dish offers the heart of NM food it is delicious, inexpensive, expedient as you can use leftovers, or fresh, and layer the sauce, corn tortillas, and cheese as you would lasagna. Don't forget to make a big pot of Pinto beans on the side!! Garnish with Chopped Roma Tomatoes lettuce and raw onion, and sour cream if you like that too.”
1hr 15mins
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  1. At least ½ Leftover Rotisserie Chicken/ Whole pieces / Breasts boiled in water to cover,.
  2. Drain, reserve liquid, set aside to cool then bone, skin and chop.
  3. Reduce the remaining broth to about 1 1/2 cups or so while chopping this stuff:.
  4. ½ as much yellow onion as you have chicken. About 2 cups of Red Chile Puree, either from dried Red Chiles dehydrated and blended to a puree, or look in your grocers freezer section. Hot or mild your preference.
  5. Throw it all in the broth with 1 teaspoons Oregano, 1 tsp Cumin, 1 Tlbs chopped garlic. Simmer til onion is soft, if it’s still watery stir about ¼ cup cornstarch into some cold water or cooled broth, then add back into the stew to thicken. Once the stew is a satisfying thickness you can layer it as you would lasagna *using 1cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese or more if you’re a cheese hound like me. 9 - 12 White or Yellow corn tortillas use any stale taco shells you might have. Tom with Cheese and bake at 350 until done.
  6. * if you just want some awesome Red Chile Chicken Stew, add par boiled chopped to bite size potatoes in at this point and when it looks like soup, put it in a bowl garnish with cheese and eat with a fresh hot flour Tortilla.

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