Nigella Lawson Roasted Vegetables With Cheese

“The best roasted vegetable recipe ever - originally from British chef Nigella Lawson's TV show. Original recipe called for halloumi cheese, but as I have trouble finding it I use any salty cheese - goat feta is wonderful; your suggestions welcomed. Have served it at many dinner parties to rave reviews, but simple enough for a weeknight. Use a large (9x11) pan - it makes a deceptively large amount. Great reheated the next day or in pitas for lunch. Warning - once you try it, you'll get cravings. Goes great with any grilled or roasted meat or serve it as a vegetarian meal.”

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  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Peel and cut the sweet potato into 2 inch cubes and put it in the pan. (Add each ingredient to the pan as you go.).
  3. Cut the red potato(es) into slightly smaller cubes 1-1/2 cubes (because they are denser than the sweet potato so they need to be smaller to cook in the same amount of time).
  4. Cut the red onion in the middle, then cut each half into 4-6 segments, discarding the dry outer skin. (the onion should still stay together in large chunks and will still have the end bit on).
  5. Cut peppers into 1 inch chunks (discard seeds and stem).
  6. Separate the cloves of garlic but no need to remove the skin.
  7. Add the oil and mix everything together with your hands (it's fun).
  8. Season with pepper, but no salt (it will make the dish watery).
  9. Cook for 45-55 minutes until vegetables are cooked through and the tinged with brown.
  10. Top with cheese and broil 5 minutes or so until brown.
  11. (If you want to omit the cheese, you can add a bit of coarse salt before serving.).
  12. Serve it right out of the pan at the table. Couldn't be easier or more delicious!

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