“Aren't I creative to come up with such a nice title for a gift basket. This is perfect if you're having a wine and cheese party, because what else are you going to have with wine and cheese but fruits and sweets with your wine and cheese. In this list, you can set aside the dried fruits and cheeses for the guests, and leave the remaining ingredients as a gift for the host so he/she can include them in their favourite cookies or cakes.”

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. In a basket, line the bottom with multi-coloured napkins and party strings.
  2. Have one container for the icing sugar and a second for the dark brown sugar and put them in the basket first. Add the dried fruits, each in their own containers or bags, and then the baking chips, separatley in their containers. Lastly, add the cheeses, still in their orginal packaging at the very top. This way, the cheeses don't get crushed.
  3. Add a pretty bow that you can tie or staple on at the top of the basket. If you are good at wrapping the basket, please do so before adding the bow.

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