Open-Faced Egg Mcmuffin

“I love Egg McMuffins from McDonald's (besides their milkshakes, they are one of the only other things I eat there). This version is quick and a little better for you (I think). You can alter the recipe a bit, if you'd like, and just use one egg, 1/2 a slice of cheese, and one piece of ham, and put the other half of the english muffin on top, like a sandwich (but then it's not open-faced, and it'd defeat the purpose of this recipe. :) ). I make this when I have an Egg McMuffin craving or when it's a late breakfast and I'm SUPER hungry, because it's very filling.”
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  1. Split the english muffin with a fork, and toast it. When it's toasted, set open-faced on a plate, and put one slice of deli ham on each English muffin side.
  2. Heat a small nonstick pan on medium-high heat, and break both eggs into it, being careful not to break the yolk.
  3. When the white is firm enough, "separate" the egg whites from each other (because they've probably cooked their whites together) with a silicone spatula, and flip each egg over. Try to make them about the size of the english muffin, if you can.
  4. While the eggs are cooking, divide your slice of cheese in half, and arrange half a piece on each piece of ham. You might need to arrange it more to make it fit (the egg will melt the cheese).
  5. When the egg yolks are done to your liking, take the eggs and put one on each side.
  6. Tip: I eat these by holding the English muffin with my hand shaped like a "C" around the base and sometimes I have to hold the egg on when I bite into it with my index finger, so I recommend cooking the yolks all the way, unless you want juicy yolk all over the place!

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