“This is a renowned feng shui cure for reviving and restoring personal Chi (energy). The number 9 in this recipe is what caught my eye. According to tradition, the number 9 symbolises power and will make the cure more potent, and, the oranges themselves are known for their reviving and purifying properties. I have to say this, "This works!" I found this in the book 'Spa' Glow Guide- Simple steps for health and well being by Andrea Mc Cloud.”
1 orange peel bath

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  1. Draw a bath.
  2. Add the peels of 9 oranges to the bath.
  3. Eat one orange and use the rest to make fresh juice.
  4. Slide in, sit back and relax.
  5. Feel your energy being restored as you soak in the revitalising properties of the orange peel.
  6. When you've had a good soak, get out of the bath, dry off and slip into the robe.
  7. Now top off the cure with the 3 secrets of Reinforcement{this is said to help strengthen the cure}.
  8. Put your hands in prayer position{the body secret}, repeat your favourite mantra 9 times{the speech secret}.
  9. {Isay the Goddess Green Tara mantra sometimes, sometimes the Gayatri mantra and sometimes Lord Ganesha's mantra and other times the Goddess Lakshmi mantra as these are my favourite mantras} and visualise yourself with renewed energy, vibrant and full of life{the mind secret}.
  10. This ritual will renew your energy and give you a sense of calm and well-being.

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