Otoro's Ultimate Sausage Gravy

“This is classic Southern-style sausage gravy; two thumbs up from my relatives in Tennessee and Kentucky. I'm very proud. It's quick, easy and delicious. Besides the sausage, all other measurements in this recipe are approximate, I don't measure the flour or milk. And a note on the milk: do not use skim, it won't come out right. Spoon this gravy over biscuits, toast or just about anything.”

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  1. Heat a 10" to 12" skillet over medium high heat and add sausage.
  2. Break up sausage with a wooden spoon. Add onion after a minute or two.
  3. Once the sausage is cooked, use a teaspoon to heavily dust the sausage with flour.
  4. Stir to incorporate the flour, you want it to coat the sausage and soak up the grease.
  5. Once the flour has turned a very light brown (about 2-3 minutes) add the milk and bring to a boil.
  6. Turn the heat down to medium and continue to stir, it should thicken up quite quickly. If the gravy seems to thick, add more milk.
  7. Add the hot pepper sauce (I like Frank's) and 8-10 grinds of coarse black pepper. Stir and serve immediately. Bon Appetito.

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