“My DH and I ate these meaty, tasty and succulent sausages in Oxford a couple of years ago, and I'm intending to tuck in again while on Kooka's World Tour. They don't have skins, and are easy to shape with your hands. My son prefers homemade sausages as so many commercial ones contain MSG (when I was growing up it was sawdust!!). Buy the meat freshly minced from your friendly butcher, or if you have a mincer, buy the meat chopped and mince it yourself at home. Hope you enjoy them - they are great for breakfast with Bacon Floddies (posted separately). Recipe adapted from UK Sausage Links.”

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  1. In a large bowl, combine the minced meat with the suet, breadcrumbs, lemon zest, nutmeg and herbs.
  2. Mix well, then add the egg and mix again with a fork until everything is thoroughly combined. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
  3. Form the mixture into sausage shapes with floured hands. Then, coat each sausage with flour, and shake off any excess.
  4. Cook the sausages under a hot grill, turning frequently, until evenly browned and cooked through.

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