Pajeon (Korean Scallion and Seafood Pancake)

“This is a favourite Korean appetizer. It's any time of day (breakfast or lunch), and often eaten with maccoli (homestyle rice wine) on rainy days with friends in Korean pubs.”

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  1. Trim the small green onions and scallions and cut them into 4-inch lengths. Wash oysters, clams, and hard-shelled mussels in brine (5 cups of water and 1 teaspoon of salt) and drain on a wicker tray.
  2. Slice oysters, clams, and hard-shelled mussels.
  3. Beat "A" with a whisk into a light batter and mix half the chopped seafood in the batter. "A" can be bought pre-mixed in bags in Korean food stores (just ask them).
  4. Place the green onions and scallions parallel in an oiled pan at a low heat and ladle a scoop of the batter onto them.
  5. After the patty cooks slightly, sprinkle the sea food and spread a little bit of batter again on the top.
  6. Turn the patty and fry until each side becomes appetizingly yellowish brown. Serve the pan-fried green onion and sea food with vinegar soy sauce mixed with "B".
  7. You can make this recipe with chives instead of green onions, and omitting the seafood if you like. Try putting your favourite veggies in there.

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