Pan Seared Tofu With Spicy Peanut Sauce

“Lay on a bed of organic spinach mixed with cucumber and the left over sauce. I just though of this, and its so good! Trust me, USE SPINACH! It goes with this.”
1hr 15mins

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 0.5 (14 ounce) package firm tofu
  • thai spicy peanut sauce (from bottle or from other zarr recipes, I prefer Melissa's organic "flavor your tofu" sauce availabl)
  • fresh salad spinach
  • 12 cucumber


  1. Chop tofu into small cubes and wrap into two paper towels and place something heavy on top (to get most of the water out) for 10-15 minuets.
  2. Place in bowl and pour enough sauce to cover all of tofu.
  3. Cover and place in fridge for 1-4 hours(I like lots of flavor and spice so I went four hours).
  4. Heat small sauce pan to about medium.
  5. Pour in marinaded tofu and let sizzle tossing every few minutes.(cook for about 10 minuets)(may want to add more sauce in the process).
  6. Prepare cucumber and spinach on plate, place cooked tofu in the center.

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