Pasta With Bitter Greens and Feta

“Adapted from Mollie Katzen's original recipe, Pasta with Greens and Feta, published in "Still Life With Menu." Can use any combination of bitter greens; in her notes the author states that she prefers half escarole and half spinach. When I made it I used two kinds of kale and also cooked the onions twice as long as written to really carmelize them and produce a richer flavor. The original recipe states that you can use up to a pound of pasta and 12 ounces of feta. I could see easily doubling this recipe, or tweaking amounts based on your tastes and the availability of ingredients. The author also notes that you can make the sauce and refrigerate it ahead of time, then reheat it while you're boiling the pasta. A delicious way to eat your greens, an excellent spring dish.”

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  1. Heat the oil in a deep skillet, pot, or Dutch oven with a lid. Add the onion and cook for 10-20 minutes over medium heat, stirring periodically. While the onions are cooking, start the pasta water on high heat in a separate large pot.
  2. When the onions are soft, add the chopped greens to the skillet, lightly salt, and stir until the greens start wilting. Cover and cook 10-15 minutes over medium-low heat. You can cook it for longer if the pasta still isn't ready, over a lower flame.
  3. Meanwhile, when the water in the pot starts boiling, add the pasta and cook until firm to the bite (it will cook further in the sauce so be careful not to overcook at this point). When it is almost done, add the crumbled feta to the sauce, keeping the heat on low.
  4. When the pasta is ready, scoop it up with a slotted spoon or strainer, holding it over the pot of water to drain, and then add the drained noodles in batches to the sauce in the skillet, mixing thoroughly.
  5. Cook the finished pasta on low heat for a few minutes. Then add a grating of Parmesan, if you like, and a few twists of freshly ground black pepper. Serve immediately; the author recommends serving on plates pre-warmed in the oven.

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