Pasta With Mushroom and Seasonal Vegetable

“This is a recipe I found when I was looking for something different to do with pasta. I adapted a basic pasta primavera to a livelier version. It is a little like a stroganoff sauce but spicier and not so creamy. It is also a very healthy recipe in that there's littlle fat - unless you use a load of parmesan. Although very quick and easy to make this is still quite an elegant dish. Basically you can add other vegetable in season. It is particularly nice to adda little black truffle shaving to the sauce but as this is an expensive ingredient it is not at all essential.”

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  1. Chop the onion and gently saute in a little olive oil to soften. Add mushrooms, then the chopped pepper and finally the green beans. Simmer for 3 minutes.
  2. Add sherry and simmer on higher heat for 5-10 minutes. Meanwhile boil pasta in salted water.
  3. When the sherry has reduced, lower heat and add a teaspoon of mustard and combine before blending in the milk.
  4. Dissolve cornflour in a little water and add to sauce stirring constantly until thickened. of milk. Continue to simmer the sauce over low heat until pasta is ready.
  5. Add a tablespoon of pasta water to the sauce before draining the pasta and then add the pasta to the sauce and combine - this adds to the flavour very significantly.
  6. Add salt & black pepper to taste. Tumble pasta and sauce into bowls and sprinkle with grated Parmesan.
  7. You can use any other vegetables in season but the mushrooms are essential.

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