“I could eat a big salad every day, couldn't you? I also like them for late night snacks. This one is a little different, very hearty, and I especially like the veggie flavor combinations. If you don't like French dressing, skip the mayo and the French dressing and try an equal amount (or less) of my Stone Pipe Inn Salad Dressing: The Stone Pipe Inn Salad. This latter dressing is very fast and easy to prepare and packs a wallop of savoury-sweet flavor. I got the original salad recipe idea from Clover Valley Foods which is a Family Dollar Store brand. This recipe makes enough for small dinner party salads (6 servings). Enjoy!”
6 salads

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  1. Cool all ingredients in the refrigerator prior to blending.
  2. Lightly toss all salad ingredients and add the dressing, re-tossing, until you feel that you have enough on it.
  3. For a change, you can add a little chopped Romaine lettuce or some julienned red onion to the existing ingredients. You could also top individual servings with a little shredded Monterey Jack cheese.
  4. Refrigerate plated salads under cling wrap until ready to serve.

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