“Hi Food.com! The title pretty much says it all. This one is for the BACON LOVERS!!! Sounds weird, I know....but for the ones with a little courage, little room to spare in the belt area, and have no problems with cholesterol, I urge you to try it. It's something I came up with while bored and being a fatty. Doubt I invented anything original, but it was pretty good. The peanut butter adds a creamy and familiar flavor that we all love. The jelly adds the sweetness. The bacon adds crunch and saltiness...all of which are lovely together. Tip: Cook bacon until extra crispy. You want it to to break like chips...soft bacon in this sandwhich is not that good....yuck.”
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  1. Preheat oven to 500 degrees.
  2. Place bacon on cookie baking sheet and place in oven.
  3. Depending on your oven, bake for 15-20 minutes or until bacon is EXTRA crispy. The bacon needs to break apart like potato chips -- soft bacon does not go well in this recipe.
  4. On each side of each piece of white bread, spread peanut butter and jelly. I know I said to use 1 tablespoon each, but the amount is really up to you. Bread and preferences comes in all shapes and sizes, use any amounts at your discretion.
  5. Place the 3 slices of warm, crispy bacon in between the sandwich.
  6. Optional: Spray a pan with Pam Oil Spray or lightly butter it. Then toast each side of the sandwich for added flavor and crunch.
  7. Enjoy in moderation!

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