“For the maple syrup, ANY sweet, such as maple syrup or honey, is fine. I used Godiva's Caramel liquor. It was amazing. But honey, maple syrup, hazelnut syrup... anything will work. Prep time includes melting down the chocolate and cooking time includes refrigeration.”
4hrs 20mins

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  1. Mix peanut butter, butter, and sweet. Blend thoroughly and then refrigerate until it is solid enough to roll into balls. About 2 hours.
  2. Roll into balls. I found 2 teaspoons to be about right per ball. Put in the freezer for one hour. Before dipping in chocolate, make sure that the balls are formed without peaks sticking out.
  3. In a double boiler (I prefer a pyrex bowl nestled onto a pot of water), melt down the chocolate. DO NOT STIR beyond blending the two chocolates. Over stirring hardens the chocolate and dipping will fail. I used my ruined dipping chocolate to make a bark, so all was not lost.
  4. Line a baking sheet with waxed paper. One at a time, drop the truffles into the chocolate, coat, and then place on the waxed paper. I found that chopsticks were the easier to do this with, as I could grip easily and let it drip off excess. I've read suggestions about stabbing with a fork, but that just didn't work for me.
  5. These will soften quickly. If they start slipping off the chopsticks or smush as you work with them, put them back in the freezer for a bit. I divided my truffles onto to trays so that one was always in the freezer and just swapped them as the ones out softened. I also put an ice bag on the tray with the truffles to help keep them cool while they were out.
  6. Once all the truffles are coated, let them get hard enough to move. Then you can nestle them all together on the same tray and drizzle them with white chocolate. Alternately, you can sprinkle them with cocoa powder or ground cacao nibs while still soft.
  7. These are not a truffle you want to just roll in a coating because they are way too soft and melt VERY quickly.

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