Penne With Roasted Red Pepper, Artichoke, & Garlic Puree

“This is a very easy homemade recipe that has all the traditional tastes of Italy. It's a Penne Rigate dish with Roasted Red Pepper, Artichoke, Onion & Garlic Puree. I happen to love this and so does DH. You have to like roasted red pepper to enjoy this recipe to the fullest extent. It's so simple to prepare as most of the prep is done with a food processor or blender for the puree then you just serve it over your favorite pasta - we like it best over Penne Rigate, but any pasta will do. ** You could also stir in some cooked shrimp or cooked sliced sausage if you want a more hearty dish **”

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  1. Boil water for penne with a dash of salt added.
  2. Meanwhile, drain the roasted red peppers & artichoke hearts very well and add to food processer. Add garlic & onion.
  3. Pulse in food processor so the mixture isn't pure liquid (pulse until mixture is the consistency of salsa - see photo of puree).
  4. Stir in olive oil, garlic powder and salt & pepper to taste.
  5. Cook then drain pasta. Stir in the puree.
  6. Garnish with the remaining jar of drained artichoke hearts & sliced black olives stirred through gently.
  7. Serve immediately.

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