Pine Nut Stuffed Basil Tomatoes

“Yummy, italian-inspired appetizer from the website SuperFoodsRx. Tomatoes are considered a "superfood" because they are rich in lycopene, ascorbic acid, alpha/beta carotene, lutein / zeaxanthin, potassium and fiber. This dish is great as an accompaniment to seafood pasta dishes, although I am sure it would be wonderful with chicken as well. High-quality tomatoes are a must here - heirloom or beefsteak, yum! Prep time does not include cooking the rice.”

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  1. Prepare rice; set aside.
  2. Toast pine nuts, dry, in a pan over medium heat, shaking the pan gently as they brown. The natural oil content in the nuts will make toasting a quick process (about 3 minutes).
  3. Alternatively, you can toast them on a baking sheet in a pre-heated 325 degree oven until just golden (about 2-3 minutes).
  4. NOTE: Pine nuts can burn very easily, with about 15 seconds between "perfect" and "burned" so the best way to toast is on the stove, keeping your eyes on them the whole time.
  5. Toss the pine nuts, basil, and olive oil with the brown rice. Add salt and pepper to the mixture (to taste).
  6. Cut off and discard the tops of the tomatoes.
  7. Remove the tomato pulp and seeds.
  8. Fill each tomato with the rice mixture.
  9. Serve warm or chilled (I like them warm!).

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