Pineapple Sour Cream and Meringue Pie

“A delicious, old recipe passed down from my Great-Grandmother. You will not be disappointed with the flavor. It's rich and creamy with a meringue top! Recipe may look complicated, but it's not -- much of the time spent is waiting for the filling to cool before assembling pie.”
2hrs 25mins
1 pie

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  1. To make filling, combine sugar, flour and salt in a saucepan. Stir in pineapple, sour cream and lemon juice.
  2. Put saucepan over high heat. Stir and cook mixture until it comes to a boil.
  3. Turn down heat and cook 2 more minutes, stirring constantly.
  4. In a seperate small bowl, stir a small amount of hot filling mixture into egg yolks. (This heats the eggs and prevents them from scrambling when added to the hot saucepan.) Then add eggs to the hot mixture in saucepan, stirring constantly.
  5. Cook and stir for 2 more minutes over medium heat.
  6. Remove from stove and let mixture cool to room temperature (approx. 1-2 hours). Spoon into baked pie shell.
  7. To make meringue, beat egg whites with vanilla and cream of tartar into soft peaks.
  8. Gradually add sugar and keep beating at highest speed until stiff and glossy.
  9. Spread meringue on top of pineapple mixture. Note: Meringue MUST TOUCH pie crust all way around.
  10. Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes until meringue has a golden color.
  11. Best served immediately when cool. (Does not refrigerate as well.).

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