“These are so good. An Italian friend gave me this recipe many years ago. You need an electric Pizzelle Maker. Do not use anise extract. Use the anise oil. You can purchase this from the pharmacy at any local drug store. They also have other flavored oils but I have not tried them yet.”
50 pizelles

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 14 cups sugar
  • 6 eggs (I use extra large)
  • 18 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon anise oil (1 bottle from pharmacy)
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour


  1. Heat electric pizzelle maker.
  2. Beat the eggs, sugar and salt
  3. add flour in small amounts and.
  4. alternate with the vegetabble oil.
  5. add anise oil
  6. beat until smooth
  7. brush or spray pizzelle maker with a little oil
  8. only for the first and second one (so it dosen't stick).
  9. Drop 1 teaspoon of batter on each of the two pizelle forms.
  10. Pizzelle will be done when the steam stops.(about 30 to 45 seconds).
  11. You can adjust the darkness of the pizlelle from light to dark (like mine lighter).
  12. Place on rack to cool and harden.
  13. You can also form into a cone when hot and the set on the rack to cool. (fill with ice cream, pudding, fruit or whatever you like).

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