“Given to me by Lorainne Surette, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. After trying out many plum pudding recipes I finally found an unmatched prize. E-mail me for a history on Plum Pudding.”
2hrs 20mins
1 2lb mold

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Traditionally old silver English pennies or silver charms wrapped in grease-proof paper were placed in the batter and cooked into the pudding.
  2. PLUM PUDDING:Mix ingredients in order given.
  3. Spray inside of mould with lots of Pam thoroughly, or grease it well. Makes 3 cups of batter. Fill plum pudding mold 3/4 full because it will rise and push the cover open if you do not leave any space for rising batter.
  4. Cover mould with cover.
  5. Steam for 2 hours in large pot placing mold on a stand making sure it does not sit directly on the bottom of the pot. I make a ring out of tinfoil to sit the mold on.
  6. Fill pot with water covering 3 inches from bottom of mold. Cover pot and place weight on lid. I use a rock to weigh cover down. Check water level after one hour. Add more water if the level is getting too low.
  7. Turn over on a plate.
  8. Can be frozen for later use.
  9. Serve hot.
  10. If cold heat in microwave.
  11. Must be eaten hot.
  12. SAUCE:
  13. Boil Sauce ingredients except butter till thick.
  14. When thick add chunk of butter.
  15. SERVE: Slice heated Plum Pudding.
  16. On each slice pour some sauce and drizzle cream over it.
  17. Serve.

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