“I have not made this for years, but have been asked for my relish and chutney recipes lately. After being asked for quite a few of my preserve recipe's I thought I might post some of them for others to enjoy. This is a family recipe, one that I used to make a lot of and share with my parents and in-laws (now passed on) So I have had no need to make it, as my kids never liked relish or chutney, just like me when I was young, I hated it, but grew to love it as I got older .........Now the kids are older and wiser, they are appreciating it more and are asking me to make it .....Go figure!!!!! Seems everything old is new again!”
750 gr

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  1. Pare the rind from the orange into long pieces, then cut across into fine strips. Place strips in a pan with the plums, sugar and pears.
  2. Squeeze the juice for the orange and make up to 1 1/4 cups with the vinegar and add to the pan with the salt.
  3. Heat gently stirring until the sugar is dissolved and then simmer for 10 to 15 minutes until the fruit is tender.
  4. Pour into hot sterlized jars and seal.

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