Pork and Green Chili Stew

“This is a great winter recipe - especially for us Wisconsin-ites! Warms you up...My husband found it on Art Bell's website a few years back - I lost my original copy off the computer,so I can't credit the original chef, but luckily had written it down for a friend,who copied it for me. I've changed it somewhat,like the hominy in it...it's definitely adjustable for those of you who like more "heat" when you eat.”
1 big pot full

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  1. POTATO SOUP BASE: Heat oil in 2 quart saucepan, add all ingredients, cover and simmer for 5 minutes.
  2. Set aside.
  3. PORK Dredge pork chunks in the flour mixture, heat vegetable oil in a sturdy Dutch oven or soup pot, and cook the pork in batches till browned.
  4. Once you're done, place all the pork back in the pot.
  5. Add the SOUP BASE, and potatoes,chilies,chicken broth,and hominy.
  6. Bring to a boil,then simmer for 45 minutes to an hour.
  7. Creative Additions-- For a richer flavor, add sour cream to the soup base.
  8. Use shredded Cheddar or Monterey Jack for garnish.
  9. Serve with tortilla chips or Saltines.
  10. I sometimes add Frank's Hot Sauce to MY bowl.

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