Pork and Sausage Jambalaya

“This is a fantastic jambalaya recipe from the Chile Pepper magazine in Jan. 2003. It is different than most because it does not have tomatoes. It is so full of flavor and wonderful.”
1hr 30mins

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  1. In a 6-8 quart cast iron pot add one cup of cooking oil and turn heat on medium to high.
  2. Add pork and cook until all water evaporates from the meat.
  3. Turn heat to low and add onions on top of meat.
  4. Stir bottom frequently to keep pork and onions from sticking.
  5. Cook until onions become glazed and most of the liquid has evaporated from them.
  6. Add 3/4 quart of water and 1/2 lb. of sausage and turn heat to low boil.
  7. Make mental note of water level in pot.
  8. Cook 10 minutes, adding seasonings to taste.
  9. Turn heat off and check water level to make sure it has not decreased much.
  10. Replace water if needed.
  11. Skim off excess oil, leaving a small amount.
  12. Turn heat back to low boil and season to taste again.
  13. Add extra salt and pepper because the rice will absorb much of the seasonings.
  14. Turn heat on medium to high and stir in the rice and make sure the rice is completely covered by the water.
  15. Set the timer for 20-25 minutes and don't touch.
  16. Stir and serve.

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