Pork Chops in Spicy Sauce

“This is just one of THOSE recipes, fool your friends into thinking you've been cooking all day and they have no idea how simple it is to make. I saw the original of this in a world cookbook 20 years ago, long since lost and now adapted to perfection.”
1hr 20mins

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  1. Rinse and pat dry chops. Smother chops with garlic and on a chopping board, dip in the flour WELL seasoned with salt and pepper (I always use marine salt because its healthier).
  2. In a large frying pan (that has a lid), on medium heat fry the chops in oil until slightly golden. Remove from pan. Add onions and a little more oil if necessary. When golden (not brown)add flour that remains from chopping board and mix in well. now return the chops to the pan, add about half a pint (300ml) of boiling water and stir. Now you add the stock cube, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce and stir.
  3. Add the lid (a wok is ideal also for this) and simmer gently until chops are tender, around 45 minutes If necessary add more water to keep plenty of sauce. You can thicken with cornflour if you need to. I serve with veg and basmati rice ( see my recipe for this). Ideal with roast potatoes also.
  4. Its a dish made in heaven. My Spanish friends want to use it in their restaurant, but with chicken! I often use pork loins also, but the bones from the chops enhance the flavor.

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