Pork Tenderloin With Nutty Pear Stuffing

“I know, I know. Lots of people don't like the idea of meat and a fruit combined. This one is different. It's subtle, it's easy to prepare and it's company-worthy. But don't save it for company. This recipe has converted 2 picky teens and an Italian DH (and by the by, let's not even START talking about accepting nuts in a recipe...almonds may be substituted, but my clan only signs off on the hazelnuts).”
1hr 5mins
1 tenderloin

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  1. Stuffing: combine pear, nuts, carrot, crumbs, onion, ginger, salt & pepper.
  2. Set aside.
  3. Butterfly the tenderloin by making a lengthwise slit down the center to within 1/2" of underside.
  4. Open flat; pound with a meat mallet or rolling pin to about 1/4" thickness.
  5. Spread stuffing over pork & roll up from a long side.
  6. Tuck in ends & secure with string or toothpicks.
  7. Place on oiled rack in shallow roasting pan.
  8. Brush lightly with oil.
  9. Insert meat thermometer into center of pork.
  10. Roast, uncovered for about 30 minute or until thermometer reaches 145°F.
  11. Brush marmalade over top.
  12. Roast about 5 minute more until temperature reaches 150°F.
  13. Let stand 5 minute before slicing.

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