Post-Thanksgiving Turkey Chili

“What do you do with all that leftover turkey? This dish serves a lot of people, freezes well, and tastes even better the next day. The spice amounts below are guidelines and should be adjusted depending on your taste, how much leftover meat you have and how much water you use.”
1hr 50mins

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  1. Break up turkey carcass and place with leftover meat in a large stock pot.
  2. Cover completely with water.
  3. Add chopped onion and bay leaf.
  4. Bring to boil then cover and simmer for 1 hour (Meat should fall easily from bone).
  5. Strain juices and pour back in pot, along with one or two cans of chicken broth for a fuller flavor (Boullion is also OK, but keep in mind you will have less liquid to work with).
  6. Separate meat and chop any large pieces, then return to pot.
  7. Discard any bones, skin, leftover stuffing and other non-edibles.
  8. Add beans, tomatoes, garlic and spices.
  9. Simmer, uncovered, for twenty minutes to reduce liquid.
  10. You may wish to add a bit of flour, if the sauce is thin: To minimize lumps, ladle a cup of liquid into a mixing bowl and whisk in flour a teaspoon at a time, then stir into chili (Keep in mind that chili will thicken in the refrigerator or freezer, so if you are planning to store it, a little thin is OK).
  11. Serve and garnish with shredded cheese, chopped onions, scallions, cilantro and sour cream, or dip with crackers.

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