Preserved-For-Posterity Cole Slaw Dressing

“I'm tired of digging out the recipe card or the cookbook that originally published the basic (now altered) recipe. Here it is, online, so I won't lose it again. I like coleslaw. GOOD coleslaw. This dressing works for me.”

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  1. Try to follow along here: Whisk together all the ingredients. There. Done. I know, I know -- it's complicated.
  2. If you like Jane's Krazy Salt or another blended seasoning, feel free to add a hefty sprinkle of it to the dressing. And by the way, if you despise even the suggestion of horseradish, and you're out of buttermilk, you can stick with the first 4 ingredients and you'll still have a very respectable coleslaw dressing that people like.
  3. Pour it over about 2 lbs of shredded cabbage and carrot. 2 lbs is a LOT of coleslaw for a small family or a couple. I halve the recipe and pour it over 1 bag of preshredded coleslaw mix -- and it's STILL a lot of coleslaw. You're supposed to let it sit and soak for anywhere from 2 hours to overnight and yes, you can do that, but I will confess to scooping out my first serving as soon as I've mixed the stuff together. Caution: the template is demanding that I specify servings and I'm just guessing by saying 16. Pour it over about 2 lbs of shredded cabbage and carrot and see how many people get to try your coleslaw.
  4. Then you can write a review and complain about my inaccurate servings estimate. ;-).

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