Prize-Winning Beef Tenderloin Fondue (No Oil)

“Served to us at an elegant dinner party hosted by our friend, Anna Ivarsdottir, this amazing & easy-fix recipe won the 2nd place award for her in a cooking contest sponsored by Harvey’s Bristol Cream (bottled by Harvey’s of Bristol in Bristol, England since 1976). Per Wikipedia: “Contrary to popular belief, the term cream sherry does not reflect the use of any dairy ingredient. The popular story from the 1860s is that a visitor to the Harvey’s cellars was given a taste of a new blend of sherry. When compared to Bristol Milk, she said ‘If that be Milk, then this is Cream.’ & the new blend was named.” I must add “If this be 2nd place, then 1st place is beyond my imagination.” & my best advice is to resist any temptation to improve this recipe. I guarantee you will want to linger at the table & savor every bite. Have I gushed enough? *Enjoy* ! :-)”
4 6 oz servings

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  1. Using paper towel, pat the shaved meat slices to remove any excess moisture. Prepare 2 plates for the table by dividing the shaved meat & sliced onion rings. Put 1 plate at ea end of your table & place the fondue pot stand in the center of the table.
  2. Heat the 1st 4 ingredients to a simmering boil on the stove-top & transfer the mixture to a 2-3 qt capacity fondue pot. Put the pot on its stand at the table & light the heat source.
  3. Let the fun & pleasure commence as ea person uses their fondue forks to spear the onion rings + shaved meat & cook it to their desired doneness in the fondue pot.
  4. NOTES: The meat will be fork-tender, have a decidedly Asian flavor from the soy sauce & is best served w/steamed white rice. As a side-dish, Anna served snap peas w/a light balsamic glaze & coarsely broken walnuts. The combo was excellent w/the tenderloin & rice.

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