“I found this recipe on Pouch Party Cooking On A Small Scale! I have not tried this recipe, but I'm posting it for safe keeping.”

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  1. Mix together wet ingredients well. Sift in dry ingredients. Mix until blended.
  2. So once I did that I had to figure out how to make a long, flat cake. Seemed to me the best way to do it was to line a cookie sheet w/ foil, spray it down and cook the cake on that. So that's precisely what I did. And I baked on 350 for 10 minutes. Yes, only 10 minutes.
  3. Now it is VERY important with roll cakes to let the cake cool. I know you're excited. I was too. But we had to let the thing cool! The cooling process gave me time to contemplate what the heck I was gonna fill this puppy with. I had this whole grand scheme in my head involving ricotta cheese and cream cheese and all that jazz but -- being that we just had a blizzard and I was not willing to trek out in the snow to procure ricotta -- the cream cheese would have to do.
  4. Once I took the thing out of the oven I needed to transfer it so I could peel the backing.
  5. Then I lined the first cookie sheet with plastic wrap and transfered the cake back onto it. There -- now we're in the right place. So I iced the thing (and it looked so pretty and flat -- I was so mesmerized that I forgot to take a pic at this stage). So here came the real test: could a protein cake roll?

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