Provolone Cheese and Scrambled Egg Sandwiches

“Just quick and easy. I have a Toastmaster Snacksters that seals the sandwiches. You can make in a frying pan. This recipe is for two. Just plain yummy.”

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 78.07 ml milk
  • 0.5 ml Bon Appetit seasoning mix (McCormick)
  • 0.59 ml pepper
  • 1.23 ml italian seasoning
  • 4.92 ml vegetable oil or 4.92 ml olive oil
  • 4 slice white bread or 4 slice whole wheat bread
  • 14.79 ml margarine or 14.79 ml butter
  • 4 slice provolone cheese, non-smoked thin sliced almost paper thin
  • 1.23 ml salt (optional)


  1. In medium mixing bowl, add the first five ingredients, beat.
  2. In small frying pan, heat oil.
  3. Add egg mixture and stir until eggs are just fluffy, do not overcook. Set aside.
  4. The water from the milk will pool.Drain from the eggs. Add optional salt if desired.
  5. Butter one side of two slices of bread.
  6. Flip over on the dry slice.
  7. Put one slice of provolone cheese and spoon
  8. eggs on top, put another slice of provolone cheese on top. Place buttered slice with the eggs and cheese in frying pan,buttered side down. Top with unbuttered slice. Now butter the top.
  9. Cook medium heat and flip over to brown the other side in a frying plan.

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